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If a domain isn't renewed, perhaps because of a non-deliverable invoice, it will be deactivated and finally available for re-registration by anyone. Registration is a service offered by authorized registrar companies, but in order to have a chance at an attractive domain name you most likely must use a registrar with snapback capabilities. It's a competition where first place depends on microseconds. Rymdweb has been a succesful snapback provider for more than 7 years.

How to use our snapback backorder service

  • Register an account and add all the necessary information
  • We review your details. If we decide to approve we create your contact id:s, and activate your account.
  • Browse the list of domains to (perhaps) be released. We list next 28 days.
  • Click the domain you are interested in, read and approve all conditions, and press "Order". You might see a return error that the booking is already acclaimed.
  • Otherwise a booking confirmation was emailed to you.
  • The domain is still listed as bookable. The reason is not to disclose any interest.
  • The price depends on the time of the order in a Dutch auction scheme with the price roughly dropping 28% every day, down to 375 SEK the day before release.
  • If registration was succesful we send an invoice.
  • Last chance to book is at 23:59:59 CET the night before release.
  • At midnight CET the number of days before registration is decremented and prices lowered accordingly.
Our success rate is almost 80%, but yours can be higher if you use our competitors too. A few of the registrars offer similar snapback.

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Driftinformation 2021-03-23

En del användare har problem med mailen efter vårt byte. Macanvändare kan prova port 143 för IMAP samtidigt med SSL/TLS ikryssad. Prefix ska vara tom (""). Prova att fräscha upp prenumerationer.

Nytt mailsystem är igång

Under söndagskvällen bytte vi ut vårt mailsystem.
Vi hoppas att det förbättrar spamfiltret och löser ett problem 
vi haft med krypterad överföring.

Vi stänger möjligheten att koppla upp okrypterat. Lösenord 
kommer inte längre kunna kodas med CRAM-MD5 eller DIGEST-MD5.

Inkommande mail:

    port: 993
    lösenord: plain

    port: 995
    lösenord: plain

Utgående mail:

    port: 587
    lösenord: plain

Meddela problem till roomservice@rymdweb.com (webbmailen funkar). Att starta om mailprogrammet kan funka också.